We have a lot coming. We will keep everyone up to date on our future! Check below our current solutions

Slickline Services

Rough Diamond Slickline Services provides well maintenance, such as, the removal of paraffin, scale, and sand. RD has the ability of setting or retrieving plugs and installation and retrieval of bumper spring assemblies. With patent pending technologies greatly improving magnetic strength RD is advancing a stagnate slickline tool industry with many more improvements on the way.


TrueFlow utilizes ultrasonic flow meter for operation in hazardous areas, no potential for leaks as there is no pressurized connections involved. High tolerance to entrained solids and gases. The system will give a digital readout to two tablets wirelessly of the pump rate and return rate every 3 seconds.

Trident Protection

Due to the increase in zipper fracing operations utilizing rig lock systems there has been a dramatic increase in accidental valve closure on wireline and frac. These incidents cause a significant safety risk as well as a large financial loss for the operator and associated vendor. Rough Diamond has devolved the Trident Protection System, this system engineer’s out the human factor and decreases well swap time. Utilizing this system oil and gas operators can save a costly fishing job as well as improve the speed of the overall operation.

RD Core

RD Core is a Data Accusation System; it will work in conjunction with Trident Protection and TrueFlow to record and send data to oil company’s office and live into the field. Accessing the data will be done through a website or app with the ability to download and export data.